Saturday, November 30

it has been a while..


it has been a while since the last time i was updating about trust. and it was a month ago. 

kalau sesiapa yang follow aku kat twitter, sure you know about 'encik crush' which i had updated a few times about him.

someone who's be with me for almost 4 months. without anyone know who is he and without anyone see his picture, we've been 'friends' for 3 months. and after this 3 months, then i tell my sister about him.

my sister pun dah tgk rupa dia which sent by whatsapps and she approved him *lompat seronok*
so after my sister, i told few of my friends who is close with me. but they never see his face which for now i want to keep it secret *evil grin*

menjelang tahun 2014 dimana umur aku akan berubah menjadi puluh an dan tiada lagi belasan, maka target hidup pun menjadi lebih serius. and i want him to be my last. *muka serius*

and until then, i will keep his identity as secret. even nama  dia pun tak semua tahu. (maybe yg pna tgok gmbaq insta aku tau lah apa nama dia haha) my mom tahu pun sbb dia rajin kirim salam muehehehhe.

i'm happy. i'm very happy. dah nak masuk bulan ke-empat which for me, is difficult stage in relationship.

oh lupa,
we are not a couple okay semua~
thats why i call him 'encik crush' bukan 'encik pakwe' wokeh kekeke

just, pray for us. pray for our happiness. and for you who was reading this, i wish may happiness be with you. always :)

Thank you for visiting here :)

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