Wednesday, November 26

can we?


it will be an awkward moment ever when a girl having the biggest fight with each other and then reconcile. things will never be the same. we always forget everything bad that happens but now, no more. everything seems weird and strange.

they say, there are some people who choose to lose an argument rather than relationship and there are some people choose to win an argument. and i myself, try to keep the relationship as long as i can. nobody wrong. we've our own mistakes that we dont want to admit. everybody does. 

it just, when we choose to win an argument, its mean, we're ready to lose a relationship. maybe this things actually happens for a reason. maybe the saying of 'friendship that last 7 years and above most likely last a lifetime' is true.

just kind of hoping that if everything goes wrong, can we just start over again and this this we do it right. we choose to admit our mistakes. we choose to speak truth with each other. we choose to have truth relationship so that nobody would lie for your place. we choose to be truth even one of us will get hurt. we choose to be real instead of only saying we're bestfriend ever. 

let us start again. can we?

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