Monday, January 30

Reaching chapter 2 of 12


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Its been a while since my last post in this blog. Last one was posted on April 2016. Today is already last day on January 2017. Many things happen during the time I went silent from blogging. My ex-bff getting married (without inviting me that for sure), but I manage to get her number and sincerely giving my congrats wishes to her (still glad she reply that Thank You).

During this time too, my other friend who get married delivered a cute baby girl (its Aten). Ive been busy with my study and events during my degree. Being an exco sure is pain in the a** but worth it. Im glad I get the experience to learn.

Already ending my 4th semester on 21st January, and for sure it is a bless. For all semester Ive been, semester four is sure is giving me a lesson on how to choose friends. In about 4 month, the happy friendship that I thought will last forever is destroyed. Well, I dont want to write in here because I dont want to remind of it later. (i want to destroy the prototype)

Okay lets move to excited story!

Well, after 3 years and 5 months in love, now Im getting engaged!

Alhamdulillah. On 28 Nov 2016, he came to my house to see both my parents and seek in for the marriage (merisik) and discussing on the date for the engagement. We decide getting engaged after my final exam which ended in the middle of this month. And the date for the engagement day has been finalized on 11th February 2017. Its 2 weeks from now.

Its about time to wear the engagement ring huh? Haha. 

Apapun alhamdulillah and thanks Allah. Despite all the worst fight and hiatus, we are still meant to be together ^_^

I will update again on my e-day. Be safe everyone!

Love, ekin.

Thank you for visiting here :)